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Spring 2024 Plans

Updated: Apr 8

Our next breeding is with Vega and Bandito!

Leia's breeding did not take so we will be planning another breeding in the summer with one of our other girls, plan announcement to come.

Vega's Beacon in the Dark owned by Karina Whittington & Amanda Pratt

Hips: Fair

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Basic Cardiac: Normal

Patellas: Normal

Embark: Clear

Bandito Los Hafanos owned by Lenka Stejskalova

Hips: A/A Elbows: 0/0 Embark: Clear

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2 opmerkingen

15 feb.

I’d be interested in an available male if one should become available

Karina Whittington
Karina Whittington
16 feb.
Reageren op

Our male waitlist is pretty full at the moment. If you want to submit an application and there happens to be a male puppy available we can reach out. If there isn't we would be happy tonrefer you out to another breeder.

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