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Puppy Application

About Estrella Polar
Pyrenean Mastiffs


We are a preservation breeding program based out of Texas for the Pyrenean Mastiff. We place puppies as companions, livestock guardians and show/breeding prospects.

We work hard to ensure we give our puppies the best start in life while also making sure to prioritize the unique qualities of the breed. We will always strive to meet the breed's standard and prioritize health, temperament, and diversity in our breeding program. Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and we provide lifetime support to all of our puppy owners.

Our puppies have gone off to be wonderful companions, livestock guardians, therapy dogs and service dogs.

We are working to produce dogs who are as versatile as they should be. To include doing what the breed was initially bred for as well as being the versatile companion they can be. We have a flock of approx. 200 chickens, turkeys and peafowl and a small herd of 7 Nigerian Dwarf Goats that we socialize puppies with. To learn more about our homestead: Unhinged Acres

We are proud to be Pyrenean Mastiff Association of America Sponsored breeders, you can learn more about the National breed Club here.

We are also a proud member of CMPE, the Spanish Pyrenean Mastiff club in the country of Origin.

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