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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked often regarding our program or the breed!

Does the Pyrenean Mastiff bark?

All livestock guardian breeds bark, it is how they alert and deter threats to start. Do they bark as much as a Great Pyrenees, generally no but there are outliers known to be nuisance barkers and some who rarely bark. Our dogs tend to bark most at dawn and dusk when predator movement is higher as a means to sound off that they are present on the property.

How long have you been involved in the breed?

I started learning about the breed in 2015 and added my first Pyrenean Mastiff in 2016.

What health testing do you do?

Our personal dogs we own have had Hip and Elbow x-rays done and submitted to OFA. We also do genetic testing for Degenerative myelopathy (DM), Patellas (knees), Basic Cardiac, and Eyes. Based on our research we have felt that these testing items are important for the breed. If we use a stud they will have the minimum testing as required by PMAA which consists of Hip and Elbow x-rays and genetic testing.

How often do you have litters?

We generally aim to produce no more than 3 litters a year.

Does the Pyrenean Mastiff get along with other dogs?

Absolutely, the Pyrenean Mastiff gets along with other dogs of various breeds and sizes. They are generally good at identifying how to play with each size and age of dog.

Do you place puppies as livestock guardians?

Yes, we do place puppies as livestock guardians. Though generally only in guardian settings where the dogs will still get a lot of human interaction as the breed does thrive on their relationship with their family and their animals generally.

Do you have multiple lines of Pyrenean Mastiffs?

Yes, we generally have 2 to 3 active momma's and we never repeat pairings between males and females to create variety in pedigrees. This variety allows for other breeders to be able to use our lines if a specific stud or mom does not work for them.

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes, we do maintain a waitlist for our puppies, the purpose of this is to ensure we have prospective homes before we breed a litter.

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