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Belia Nova de Monte Sano

Call Name:


Jillian Diamante De Gaspalleira x Altoaragon Cimabue


Birth date:

June 22, 2017

US Born

Lives in house

Health Testing:



DJD 1 Unilateral Right






Basic Cardiac:





Belia Nova de Monte Sano aka Nova came from a breeder in Alabama, she was my second Pyrenean Mastiff and first female. She started out training as a Service Dog for mobility and medical response until we learned about her LTV at 5 months old. We didn’t know what to expect so we cross trained her into Therapy Dog work as we continued to learn more about LTV. She loves doing Therapy Dog work and especially enjoys doing reading programs with kids where she can soak in the snuggles.
Nova also participated in conformation and is only 2 points shy of her AKC Certificate of Merit, she has also achieved several companion titles from when she dabbles in various fun titles.
Nova has always been my cuddle bug, needing to be close by or to cuddle and lounge in bed. She gives some great side eye when I don’t listen to her demands to go outside or to feed her haha. She is sweet with a hint of sassy to keep me on my toes. She loves giving gentle kisses and is always ready for an adventure! She can get set in her ways sometimes which include only wanting to go potty at home (she traveled 31 hours to Connecticut and held it the whole way refusing to go potty until she had a fenced area). If you sleep in “her” spot on the bed, be prepared to be smothered by her cause it doesn’t matter if you are in the way she will lay in her spot.

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