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Brista Luna

Call Name:


Altoaragon Dalida x Taran Maskin Junior Navarro


Birth date:

December 27, 2017

Russian Import

Retired to live in Pennsylvania

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Luna was born in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, her mother is from an Italian line known as Altoaragon and father is from Taran Maskin in Finland. Amanda and I flew to Russia to meet Luna's mom, breeder and select Luna from her litter. After we returned Luna followed a few weeks later with Elora on their adventure to the US. I decided to purchase Luna after it turned out thot Nova was not able to breed, and I really liked the pairing between her mother and father. I was just in luck that I had reached out to the breeder as she was planning the pairing and was able to get on her list for a 2nd pick female behind the breeder herself.
Luna is nicknamed "Naughty Panda" because she was so adorably cute but oh so naughty just like a panda! She is still my naughtiest to this day as she likes to find things to get into when no one is looking. She has that sweet face that draws you in and makes it hard to be upset with her no matter what she happened to get into. Luna is my sweet girl who just wants to snuggle and be loved on 24/7 if possible. She is sassy and fierce when need be but is otherwise the one I have to make room for in bed so she can be as close as possible to me. Children and all small animals hove always been her kryptonite. She has been a wonderful mother and enjoys playing with her puppies and spending time with them! Luna was a bit timid as a puppy, but she had so much potential, we worked on lots of socialization and desensitization as o puppy to build up her confidence. She started dabbling in dog sports so we could continue building up her confidence. Along the way we found things she was interested in such as scent work, barn hunt and tricks. She is very eager to please and hos always been a food hound! Now nothing stops her when it comes to going on adventures! Luna hos since completed her barn hunt instinct title, trick dog intermediate title, novice jumper (dock diving) title and her UKC Champion title. She has completed her Certificate of Merit in AKC conformation and is learning to do scent work so we can hopefully compete in that next.

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