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Elara de Estrella Escondido

Call Name:


Bruzia della Terra D'Enotria x Yultu Urasimmo Taro


Birth date:

November 12, 2017

Russian Import

Lives in house

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Elara was born in Chelyabinsk, Russia on November 12th, 2017, her breeder’s name is Eduard Gurov. She was from the “B” litter of RuMastiff and her given name in Russia is Barbie. She was a singleton puppy and only the 3rd puppy born from her mother. Her other 2 siblings from the first litter are still in Russia. Her mother was an Italian import into Russia with lines going to Murtoi’s Kennel which is a very prominent and long time Pyrenean Mastiff breeder in Europe. Elara’s father is from the only line developed in Russia and 3 generations deep, 4th with Elara, with his mother coming out of Estonia. Elara is co-owned with Roberta and Scott Stewart of Pyrenean Mastiffs of Hidden Meadow.

Elara was always such a confident outgoing puppy ready to do whatever was asked of her! She continued this as she grew and has competed in various activities to include barn hunt, dock diving, conformation, and rally. She holds the following titles as of now:
• UKC Champion in Conformation
• Certificate of Merit in AKC Conformation (she was the first female to get this title)
• Rally Novice
• Farm Dog Certification
• Canine Good Citizen
• Canine Good Citizen Advanced
• Canine Good Citizen Urban
• Trick Dog Novice
• Trick Dog Intermediate
• United Novice Jumper
• Barn Hunt Instinct
Along with this Elara is also training as a Service Dog to assist with testing breed aptitude as Mobility and Medical Response Service Dogs. While she is out of training while with litters, she enjoys every adventure we go on when she does not have puppies! Elara’s next adventures include training for Scent work and working towards her Grand Champion title in UKC conformation.

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