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Expo de la Pradera Escondido

Call Name:


Ypsina Farma Stekot x Cronos de Campo Olimpo


Birth date:

July 9, 2016

US Born

Lives in house

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Adonis was born in Southbury, CT on July 9th, 2016. His breeders are Roberta and Scott Stewart of Pyrenean Mastiffs of Hidden Meadow! Adonis was my first Pyrenean Mastiff and I waited over a year for him to come into my life! I stumbled upon the breed looking for a breed that was balanced in temperament, overall healthy and large enough to do Mobility Service Dog work. I got on a wait list and waited till the day came that I was told my puppy was born! Adonis’ mother was purchased from a Nunnery in Canada but was originally imported from the Czech Republic from a very long-time kennel known as Farma Stekot. Adonis’ father is a Spanish Import from a kennel known as Campo Olimpo. Adonis travelled with me in March 2019 to the Spanish Specialty Show and we were able to meet the breeders of his father and they were able to see Adonis! It was a fun experience and great to follow back and meet those who helped produce the line.
Adonis started the love and passion I have for the breed and I am forever grateful to him and his breeders for believing in me! Roberta and Scott have become more than just the breeders of my boy or business partners on Leevi and Elara. They have become part of my family and what I want for all my puppy owners to see in me.
Adonis was my unicorn puppy; he was so easy regarding typical puppy behavior and never destroyed anything besides paper and Lilly’s homework! He potty trained almost immediately and was always such a laid-back puppy. Adonis is my Mobility and Medical Response Service Dog; he knows over 60 commands! He has titled in various things but not near as much as Elara! He works because he loves me and not so much because he wants to do all these crazy things like Elara! The titles he holds as of now:
• UKC Champion in Conformation
• Farm Dog Certification
• Canine Good Citizen
• Canine Good Citizen Advanced
• Canine Good Citizen Urban
• United Novice Jumper (UKC dock diving)
• Trick Dog Novice
• Trick Dog Intermediate
• Virtual Home Manners

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