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Call Name:


Gratal x Untesoro de Saigola


Birth date:

June 9, 2020

Spanish Import

Lives in house

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Karankawa aka Pandora/Panda is an import from Spain, her breeder is the son of one of the longest standing breeders in Spain that goes by the kennel name Torre de Justo. As I have explained to everyone who is getting her puppies, Pandora is a very special girl. Her mother was selected based on phenotype to be a new addition to the Pyrenean Mastiff Stud book in Spain. After her mother was evaluated by a Specialty judge she was registered as a Pyrenean Mastiff. Because of this, embark can be wonky regarding breed ancestry but take it with a grain of salt. Pandora is part of a larger picture to ensure we maintain genetic diversity within the breed which is important to ensure the health and future of the breed.
Pandora has incredible instincts when it comes to being a guardian but maintains the amazing temperament with her family and the public. She is always thinking of ways to get around the “rules” so to speak which makes for lots of laughs in our home when we catch her in the middle of her shenanigans. She is fun loving, incredibly affectionate but so devoted and fierce when need be.
Training with Pandora has been interesting, I would consider her a bit ADHD, so she prefers things she can take at her own pace and has more freedom such as dock diving where she can swim, doing therapy dog visits where she can suck up all the attention, etc. She likes immediate gratification or else she will find something that does provide the immediate reward so our training involves tons of treats to keep her attention otherwise she thinks she knows what she is doing. She isn’t a big rule follower, rules are like guidelines in her mind, but does enjoy going out and experiencing all kinds of adventures. She is definitely a “hold my beer” kind of girl, meaning she sees a challenge and even if it looks impossible, she will try it if it means achieving a goal she has haha.
She has been incredibly fun to work with and is incredibly smart, sometimes to smart if you ask me as she thinks of loopholes to everything. I love how devoted and affectionate she is while also ready to stand against threats at a moment’s notice. She has been an incredibly confident outgoing girl when it comes to any challenge she is faced with.

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