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Lexidian Leevi

Call Name:


Gigantes Bailando Athene x Mastinero Duncan


Birth date:

July 11, 2014

Finnish Import

Lives in house

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Lexidian Leevi joined us from Finland in September of 2019, he was 5.5 years old when he was imported to the United States. Originally the plan was to import semen for this specific breeding but due to the owner’s failing health she offered to sell him to me because she liked how my dogs were cared for. Like Elara, Leevi is co-owned with Roberta and Scott Stewart from Pyrenean Mastiffs of Hidden Meadow in CT.

Leevi has had 3 litters in Finland equaling a total of 8 puppies. This means the “C” litter has 8 half siblings overseas as well as 7 half siblings from their mother’s side here in the United States.

Leevi decided to claim Amanda as his mom after arriving here so despite me being his owner, he is Amanda’s boy. Leevi is a momma’s boy through and through! Leevi would be content spending all day in bed snuggling his mom or laying close by. He is goofy and silly with bouts of pouncing and play with the girls. He is a ladies man 100% as he both prefers women as well as playing with the girls more than anything. While him and Adonis do not see eye to eye they co-exist well together. Had Leevi been raised around males I think he would have taken more liking to other males. He is a bit of a spooky boy but this is due to lack of socialization and exposure. He much prefers quiet walks and being close to his people than crazy hectic environments.

While Leevi does not currently have any titles outside of conformation on him, we are planning to work on dock diving and trick dog with him. He currently has his UKC Champion title and is only 5 points away from his AKC Certificate of Merit if we can ever end up at shows again, I feel he will complete it quickly. He achieved 10 points in just 2 show weekends! Leevi is currently 3 wins away from his UKC Grand Champion title as well.

Overall, we have been incredibly happy with the addition of Leevi to our pack. We are excited about what he will achieve and the offspring he will/has produce here in the United States.

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