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Zaijas Adan Lovely-Lyra

Call Name:


Richards Matador Ada x Japstiffin Franklin


Birth date:

September 18, 2020

Finnish Import

Retired to live in the DFW area of Texas

Health Testing:









Basic Cardiac:





Zaijas Adan Lovely-Lyra aka Lyra is an import from Finland. Lyra’s dad is from an uncommon line. We attempted to import his semen, but he was shy haha. So, when he was used as a stud in a breeding in Finland I jumped on the opportunity to purchase his daughter. Lyra’s breeder required I select a puppy at a week old which made me super nervous! However, we lucked out with this girl despite selecting her based on markings.
Lyra is an active, goofy girl who is incredibly affectionate. She loves kisses to her muzzle and will nudge you to keep giving her kisses. If allowed, she could probably run for days! Her long legs are definitely a benefit for her, and we think she may enjoy fast cat because she loves running laps around the property.
Lyra’s “style” isn’t as typical for a Pyrenean Mastiff, but she has a regal and elegant style to her that she inherited from her mother. She has flashy and correct movement with a long, graceful stride. Lyra knocked it out of the park in the show ring taking her first points against adults at 4 months old. She completed her AKC Certificate of Merit by 9 months old and completed her UKC Champion title by 1 year old. She is the youngest Pyrenean Mastiff in the US to finish their Certificate of Merit.
I cannot explain enough how incredibly sweet Lyra is. This girl makes friends like you could not believe but she can be fierce when it comes to perceived threats. We look forward to seeing how she continues to mature.

Lyra now lives with a wonderful couple in Texas for her retirement.

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