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"B" Litter


Brista Luna


Snaggletooth's Acropolis of Cfar


About the Litter


Baltahzar de Estrella Polar
Estrella Polar's Basilio
Estrella Polar's Beta Ursae
Estrella Polar's Bravada Sunny


Estrella Polar's Bexley Harlow
Estrella Polar's Blooming Lily
Estrella Polar's Bold Rhea

In February 2020 Luna gave birth to 12 puppies, 1 puppy was an angel. At 3 days old we lost 4 puppies to an unknown bacterial pneumonia infection. We suspected a possible cause was something picked up in utero that Luna was able to fight but passed to the puppies as she never had symptoms. We were able to save 7 puppies, 3 females and 4 males. This litter was a hard hit on the heart with it being only our second litter. Balthazar De Estrella Polar aka Teddy is AKC pointed in conforamation

Photo Gallery

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