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"C" Litter


Elara de Estrella Escondido


Lexidian Leevi


About the Litter


Estrella Polar's Constitutional Justice
Esrella Polar's Cosmo Topper
Estrella Polar's Crux Karvagnen


Estrella Escondido's Corazon
Estrella Polar's Catch a Falling Star
Estrella Polar's Continent Pangaea

In May of 2020, Elara welcomed her 2nd litter! The litter was 11 puppies but 5 angels. Of the remaining 6 we had 3 boys and 3 girls. We are currently looking forward to the posiblity of two of the girls from this litter having puppies in the coming year or so. Estrella Polar's Crux Karvagnen aka Frekki earned his AKC CM and UKC Champion title

Photo Gallery

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