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"F" Litter


Belia Nova de Monte Sano


Lexidian Leevi


About the Litter


Estrella Polar's Fueled by the Stars
Estrella Polar's Finnegan Folly
Estrella Polar's Full of Mischief
Ferdinand de Estrella Polar
Franco Filiberto de Estrella Polar
Freedom's Friend de Estrella Polar


Estrella Polar's Fairy Fable
Estrella Polar's Flights of Fancy
Fendi de Estrella Polar
Ferguson de Estrella Polar
Fidelia Adelina de Estrella Polar
Fulgencia de Estrella Polar

We had an Oops between Leevi and Nova (who was supposed to be a pet only girl!). Nova had been washed from my breeding program at 6 months old due to Lumbarsacral Transitional Vertebra. We kept her intact to help with building points at AKC shows and we had been doing great on our in season rotation protocols but at just over 5 years old and with her spay on the books she decided to go into season so we delayed the spay. Leevi decided he wanted to be extra at just over 8 years old and managed some acrobatics when we weren't paying attention and got to Miss Nova. The result was a litter of 14, 2 angels. Of the 12 live puppies we had 6 boys and 6 girls! All puppies in the litter went on spay/neuter contracts and are making for some lovely companion puppies.

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