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"H" Litter




Ander de Estrella Polar


About the Litter


Estrella Polar's Handsomus Maximus
Estrella Polar's Hidalgo Aquiles


Estrella Polar's Harmonia da Noite
Estrella Polar' Hot Off the Press
Estrella Polar's Huesca
Hasley de Estrella Polar
Heba de Estrella Polar
Herdanza de Estrella Polar
Hermana de Estrella Polar
Hermosa Denali de Estrella Polar

In December 2022 Karankawa/Pandora welcomed 8 girls and 2 boys into the world starting our first official second generation within Estrella Polar. Dad to this litter is "A" litter pup Ander de Estrella Polar who is owned by Patricia Van Nelson and Michael Dilliplain in Virginia. Pandora was also a super champ during this litter because on top of her 10 puppies she also helped nurse and rear 7 dalmatian puppies whose mom had a health emergency so she cared for 17 puppies until they were 4 weeks old when the dalmatians went back to their breeder. From this litter we kept Estrella Polar's Harmonia da Noite in our home as a breeding prospect.

Photo Gallery

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