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"I" Litter


Zaijas Adan Lovely-Lyra


Bandito Los Hafanos


About the Litter


Estrella Polar's Iconic Guiding Star
Estrella Polar's Iacomus


Indigo Yoshimi de Estrella Polar
Estrella Polar's Isn't She Lovely
Estrella Polar's Impressive Lady Patrizia

We welcomed the Estrella Polar "I" Litter into the world on June 3rd, 2023. We had 3 boys and 4 girls! After a long labor we ended up with a c-section and luckily everyone made it and is doing so well. The litter had a special visitor as Bandito's owner flew in to visit them from the Czech Republic which was a lot of fun! I am glad his owners were able to meet his babies! This litter is a loving and cuddly bunch with a hint of mischief. They have been a lot of fun to raise and everyone fell in love with their affectionate demeanors. This is our first litter who got to experience our expanded flock of poultry and they did a great job with respecting the chickens and turkeys when going on an adventure around the property. We are looking forward to seeing how these pups continue to grow and mature!

Photo Gallery

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