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"J" Litter


Vega's Beacon in the Dark


Dumah de Monte Sano


About the Litter


Estrella Polar's Jovanni
Estrella Polar's Just George
Estrella Polar's Jose Luis de York
Estrella Polar’s Jedidiah


Estrella Polar's Juno Lucina
Estrella Polar's Judgement of Artemis
Estrella Polar's Jade Among Jewels
Estrella Polar's Joy O Joy
Estrella Polar's Jumar

Miss Vega was originally due on the 26th of November but decided to give us surprise Thanksgiving puppies! We are so very grateful for these sweet babies. Our "J" Litter is the first litter of our next generation of puppies, and hopefully many more to come. So many people came together to make this litter happen and we couldn't be more happy to be a part of the Pyrenean Mastiff community. More to come as we get to know these sweet babies as they continue to grow.

Photo Gallery

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