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"K" Litter


Filomena de Font Roja


Dumah de Monte Sano or Expo de la Pradera Escondido (Dual Sire)


About the Litter




Estrella Polar's Kindred Spirits
Estrella Polar's Kiara
Estrella Polar's Khaleesi
Estrella Polars Kleopatra

This litter planning was a bit chaotic as we prepared to breed Sancha, we thought Luca aka Dumah de Monte Sano had good semen but after 2 slip ties we went in for a TCI and he had no swimmers so after some quick decisions we decided to bring in Adonis aka Expo de la Pradera Escondido as a 2nd stud as he had a recent semen analysis and we knew he was good to go. Puppies will have paternity testing to confirm who is the dad for each and still be registered with AKC FSS! We should have results on paternity by the time puppies are 5 weeks.

"K" litter was born via C-section after Sancha wasn't progressing in labor on her due date. We took her in to ultrasound the puppies ot ensure no one was in distress and one pup was so we quickly got her in for a csection on Jan. 19th. We then welcomed an all girl litter of 5 babies into the world.

We are looking forward to seeing these babies grow!

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