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Estrella Polar's Anatasha


Bud Spencer


About the Litter


Deimos Run When You Hear that Sound


Vega's Beacon in the Dark
Genesis' Can We Skip to the Good Part

This litter meant the world to me, mother Estrella Polar's Anatasha was my favorite girl in the litter who was placed in Colorado with Jennifer Silviera. Jennifer had been on my wait list since I announced that Elara was coming to the US so almost 2 years in advance before I even planned my first litter. I had told her when she took her home that she had to have at least one litter from her because she was such a lovely puppy. As I was planning a breeding to Bud Spencer for Elara in 2021, Jennifer asked if she could use him as well and I said sure, its a good plan B if Elara didn't take with the breeding. Thank goodness because Elara was bred to Bud and then developed pyometra resulting in an emergency spay to save her life. Tasha, Estrella Polar's Anatasha, welcomed 1 boy and 2 girls into the world on December, 1st 2021 kicking off the new year with the best news I could imagine as I had asked to be on the litter after Elara was spayed. I ended up purchasing Deimos and Vega 2 of the 3 pups while the 3rd pup stayed to live with her mom. Vega and Deimos are beginning their show career and doing well and we home that 2023 will bring news for Vega becoming a mother herself. Even though this litter isn't my own out of my kennel, they are still my first litter of grandpups ushering in a new generation of Pyrenean Mastiffs that started from efforts and we couldn't be happier with these pups.

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